Prayers, Songs, and Poetry

Edited by John Marks Templeton

How little we know about little that the concept cannot be adequately described and our perceptions vary from person to person and religion to religion. Famed author, theologian and visionary, John Marks Templeton, narrows the gap with his new affirmation to Spirit, Worldwide Worship.

Here we find an assemblage of the words and wisdom of some of the great thinkers of history. And these words, in the form of poetry, prayers, hymns and prose represent most traditions and theologies; and many geographic areas of our planet, thereby representing many ethnicity’s.

Sir Templeton has selected a rich mixture of ageless folk works, poetry and prose based on its beauty and insight. The reader will revel (as this reviewer did) in the richness of the thoughts of Whitman, Longfellow, Paramahansa Yogananda, Frost, Wilber, Kornfield, White Eagle and Krishnamurti (to name a few); and the cultures of the Navajo, Christianity, Taoism and so many others.

Worldwide Worship leads the reader to understand and embrace two truths...that we must all learn humility by understanding that the world in not man-centered, but God-centered. And, there is a universality of the human spirit. Sir John Templeton has selected wisely. This reviewer learned (at the least) that human spirit spans all religions and cultures, as so will you.

Worldwide Worship belongs on your night table or coffee table, and should be read daily in confirmation and affirmation of God’s love and wisdom. The name John Marks Templeton has become synonymous with truth-seeking. Worldwide Worship is yet further evidence of his, and our desire to progress spiritually and find enlightenment!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 320 PP (hdb), 6 x 9, Issue date, June, 2000. Cost, $24.95. ISBN 1-890151-35-1. Available at your favorite bookstore or contact: Templeton Foundation Press, Five Radnor Corporate Center, Ste 120, 100 Matsonford Rd, Radnor, PA 19087.

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