White Tiger White Stripes

Poetry by James Forte

Poet, composer and dear friend James Forte has done it again. His keen insight and deep spirituality cut through the morass of life and shine a light on truth. White Tiger White Stripes is his newest beacon, and in this reviewer’s opinion, shines like a lighthouse on a cloudy and rainy night.

Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? These questions are answered in an excellent array of untitled poems. For instance, “Do not be attached to your good acts/ Do not be attached to your failures/ Do not be attached to your virtue/ Do not be attached to your guilt/ Love and only love/ Live there/ And no place else.”

Or, “The ego/ Waddling/ Down the road of life/ Thinks/ It has knowledge/ Of life/ Better/ On your knees/ In pilgrimage/ To the altar/ Of Love/ Divine love”. And another personal favorite of mine, “It/ Is not/ The stripe/ It/ Is not/ The Tiger/ It/ Is not air/ It/ Is/ When we awaken/ To the vibrant love/ As our very self.”

This reviewer has known James Forte for over five years, through his music and poetry. While we’ve never met, I know that James Forte is a seeker and a teacher who speaks from his heart. White Tiger White Stripes clearly represents this man’s depth of wisdom and love. Further, please see my reviews of his other poetry, When the Rope is Untied; and his music, Through the Mist, Rokka’s Return and At the Edge of Dawn. You will quickly learn that this public man very quietly leads us to the realization that, “The beginning/ Of the path/ Is love/ The end/ Is God.”

White Tiger White Stripes is a treasure of Light that can illuminate your way to God, our Source!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 72 leaves, 7 x 10, Issue Date: 2002, Cost: $20.00

Available from the publisher: Wildflower Publishers, Box 1316, Arlington, MA 02474

Also available online: www.amazon.com and at select retail outlets and special order.

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