A brilliant book of poetry that leads the reader to wisdom, spirituality and All That Is. A way of life from a gifted seer. Wonderful! spiritual poetry, enlightening books, soulful books of poetry, gifted poets and composers


by James Forte

James Forte, this reviewer has come to learn, is an extremely gifted, prolific and profound poet and composer. I was privileged to review and endorse his latest musical album, At the Edge of Dawn, and now I have the good fortune to present to you When the Rope is Untied.

Here is a glorious book of poetry that offers the wisdom, guidance and spirituality of all faiths, with an emphasis on Eastern beliefs. For instance, Mr. Forte writes, “There is God/ The single supreme source/ Of All That Is/ We are meant/ To see God/ Most of us do not.” Mr. Forte concludes with a vision of hope to find God, “Through the practice/ Of love and truth/ In all our thoughts/ In all our words/ In all our deeds.”

When the Rope is Untied speaks beautifully to many issues...from death to forgiveness, from love to truth, and from religion to God. This reviewer's words of praise pale in the glow of Mr. Forte's enchanting messages. “Those/ Who built religion/ Were/ Ordinary men/ They built/ With sacred bricks/ Bricks of gold/ God/ Built/ Religion/ Out of spirit/ And clothed it/ In ordinary flesh/ Foolish humans/ Prize the gold.”

Very few of us can write good music, and very few of us can pen insightful guidance in poetic metre. James Forte does both as well as this reviewer has heard or seen. Is it genius? Is he a Lightworker? You decide after reading When the Rope is Untied. No matter which appellation you select, your life will be changed by When the Rope is Untied.

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

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