Lessons on Living

by Rev. Samuel Oliver, M.Div., BCC

Rev. Sam Oliver is a Pastoral Counselor at the Hospice of St. Joseph County in South Bend, Indiana. He ministers to people who are making the transition from life to death. From these experiences, he learned, “...the meaning of life’s most precious commodity--love”.

What the Dying Teach Us is, perhaps, the best written, most inclusive and heartfelt book about the lessons at death this reviewer has read. Indeed, these prophetic words of wisdom will affect your life’s values, hope and faith, and give you a larger sense of life, identity, awareness, and yes, healing.

The dying can teach us how to deal with grief and the bereavement process. And the dying can teach us how to discover our real, spiritual selves beyond the labels we wear i.e. teacher, lawyer, doctor, reviewer, et al. What the Dying Teach Us, succinctly, carries the message of enlightenment.

Rev. Oliver has written this revelation on two planes. One is for us, the living, and how we can better our lives. The other, how we can counsel the dying and bring a sense of eternal relationship to them. It is not an overstatement that What the Dying Teach Us can be and should be read by pastoral counselors as well as lay people.

Rev. Oliver has taken seventeen actual experiences and culled wisdom, insight and spirituality that are the foundations of this work of values, hope and faith. What the Dying Teach Us is a source of strength for the reality of life, learned from those about to enter a brave, new world!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

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