by James Forte

Composer, musician and poet James Forte has raised the bar of creative music to an even higher level than he has in his other work. Wetpaint is a revelation for the music industry, and more importantly, for you the listener.

This reviewer sat and heard music like never before. Mr. Forte is to be congratulated for his superb performance on the synthesizer as well as composing a body of work so exciting and far-reaching.

Wetpaint is over 71 minutes long containing 22 tracks of interesting, moving and provocative music. Indeed, in this reviewer's opinion, it is best experienced with no distractions or interruptions, or you will miss some of the nuances and flavors that help make this album so special.

James Forte has written, performed and produced nine CDs as well as ten books of poetry. His list of awards in both venues is too long to list. But they will be lessened by his performance of Wetpaint. I have known Mr. Forte for about ten years and you will find my reviews of some of his other works elsewhere in my column. They are marvelous, but Wetpaint is even more so.

Listening to Wetpaint is a little like riding a rocket to undiscovered yet beautiful places. Sometimes they are in the heavens, and other times to wonderful and exciting locations here on earth.

If you've been looking for an album of fresh, interesting and improvisatory music, look no more. Wetpaint is all of that, and more!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Recording Studio: Electric Symphony Studios

The original cassette masters, made in the 1980s, were rediscovered in 2004, and, one by one, the original synthesizer MIDI files were rediscovered and subsequent-ly recorded. Another cassette master of the electronic piano tracks, recorded in the 1980s, was rediscovered in June 2006. The synthesizer MIDI files were rerecorded in June 2006. To these were added the electronic piano tracks, from the newly discovered cassette master, to make a new digital master, all in the space of one week in June 2006.

Pertinent Info:

CD, Approx 71 minutes, Issue Date, 2006, Cost $19.99.

Available from the producer, mail order:

Wildflower Recordings
Box 1316
Arlington, MA 02474
Mass. residents 5% sales tax
$3.50 s&h

© and (p) James Forte

James Forte is an ASCAP artist

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