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Crafted by the Divine Weaver

Written by Lorraine Miller
Annotated by Astrologer Philip Comi

"Our lives consist of many events which in the moment seem random and inconsequential. As we advance in life and the tapestry created by these seemingly unimportant moments begins to become apparent, we get a glimmer of the significance each held. To see the threads of patterns woven throughout the tapestry of our lives in one moment of clarity---that Aha! moment---is the greatest gift we are given by our Creator."

So writes author, seeker and teacher Lorraine Miller in her spell-binder work of truth titled, The Tapestry of Grace. Here we have her autobiography of events in her life remembered, recounted and revealed, and then explained and confirmed by noted astrologer Philip Comi.

And what we learn is that no life (not yours, not mine) is ordinary. We all experience events that seem innocuous. Indeed, this reviewer lived some of the same events but did not connect them to a larger meaning. With this epiphany of understanding comes a new meaning of life. Ms. Miller writes, "It is so important that we meet each day we are given in a positive manner, and live it to the fullest. We need to take the time to let others know how much they mean to us and to support everyone we meet with kindness, as we are all fellow travelers and the road is difficult."

The Tapestry of Grace is based on Lorraine Miller's often startling revelations and quantum-consciousness experiences. "My purpose in telling them is to show how these experiences helped mold the person I would become and see the importance they hold in the bigger picture." Thus we have the means to understand ourselves, and after all, how can we expect another person to understand us when we remain confused about whom we are. And that is the secret of relationships, from personal and global.

The Tapestry of Grace by Lorraine Miller and Philip Comi is a must-read for all seeking direction. In other words, all of us!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

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260PP, 6 x 9, Issue Date: Winter 2009, ISBN 978-0-578-02015. $16.00

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