The Science of the Soul

Explaining the Spiritual Universe

by Robert Siblerud

In the third volume of his dynamic Sacred Science Chronicles, author and seeker Robert Siblerud looks beyond the dogma and confusion of religion for answers to the spiritual universe. The Science of the Soul: Explaining the Spiritual Universe examines the science that either supports or contradicts the dogma of religion.

Dr. Siblerud leads the reader to an understanding of the similarities of the world’s major religions (including shamanistic spirituality) that revolve around a deity called God and a doctrine of immortality. Most religions also revolve around our evolution here on Earth, our sojourn back to God , and in many cases, our return to Earth . The Source of truth is always the same but appears externally different within various religions.

The Science of the Soul takes us to an understanding of reincarnation by offering scientific studies that at the very least provide a definite probability. The same is true about destiny and free will, with science documenting aspects of astrology, numerology and to a lesser degree, the seven rays. Do you need further evidence about angels and other celestial inhabitants? Dr. Siblerud covers that, too.

This reviewer was entranced by chapter 8, The Soul After Death. Here, Dr. Siblerud discusses the science underlying of body experiences, near death experiences, possessions and ghosts. The next chapters describe spirit communication, and life in the spiritual realm. In the concluding chapter, Dr. Siblerud explains the holographic science underlying the spiritual realm.

If you’ve been looking for a better understanding of the spiritual world and the nature and purpose of the soul, look no further. The Science of the Soul is a well-written journey to enlightenment of the spiritual world that exists under the laws of the universe!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 320 PP, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, Issue Date: 2000, Cost: $15.95, ISBN 0-9666856-2-8

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