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The Soul’s Journey Home

By Carol Powel-Smith

No one this reviewer knows is more capable of writing Escape From Planet Earth: The Soul’s Journey Home. Carol Powel-Smith brings a unique combination of talent, learning, experience and compassion. Thus she can give us a superlative understanding about the "...possibility for escape from the cycle of life, death and rebirth."

Bringing 30 years of training in Spiritual Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Qabalah to bear, Carol investigates "...the possibility that an all-loving Source exists, a Being who wants to experience all possible modes of existence and so projects Itself into countless individual manifestations. These modes of existence encompass not only life on this plane and planet, but on infinite others, beyond anything we can even imagine."

This well-written and exciting new book explains the 12 roles of souls on earth, shows how mythology and history explain our life roles, and helps the reader to discover how astrological sun signs relate to our roles. Indeed, Carol has incorporated not only the examples of a hypothetical group of souls through many lifetimes, she offers the reader the opportunity to explore his/her own escape from planet earth.

Author, spiritual healer & counselor, and ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Movement has given us the tools for a journey to new levels of personal and soul awareness. Escape From Planet Earth: The Soul’s Journey Home can enable you to raise your consciousness while in your human body; a never-ending journey. In this reviewer’s opinion, Escape From Planet Earth: The Soul’s Journey Home is more than a book, it is an opportunity!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info:

292 PP, 6 x 9, Issue Date: 2007
ISBN 978-1-934666-05-0
Cost: $16.95

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High-Pitched Hum Publishing
3211 15th Street North
Jacksonville, FL 32250

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