Outrageous Mastery

An Xperiment With Power

by Sasha Xarrian

There are probably more books written about success and how to achieve it than any other subject. Most of them leave this reviewer cold. They don't seem to be written for me, but instead, seem to be talking to someone else or offering impossible-to-follow advice.

Until now, because author, heroine, seer, and believer Sasha Xarrian offers us Outrageous Mastery , a three book set that illuminates the path to real success. She writes, “Testing, xperimenting, learning to hear and feel inspiration and guidance is powerful. It develops your faith and teaches you lessons along the way.”

Outrageous Mastery is the real life story of a woman of courage, a gutsy lady who raised six kids as a single mom, and yet discovered how to create reality. In the beginning, her life (like so many of us) was a confusing and conflicting time. But Ms. Xarrian searched and found a different path to walk. “I have learned that fear and doubt will stop you from creating your dreams faster than anything else.”

While living her “seven years of hell” after her divorce and after leaving her church, Sasha (nee Celia Vae Higley) met a Harvard graduate African-American woman who shared a magic secret that would change Sasha's life. “In everything that occurs in our life that seems unfavorable---look for the gift and realize that the gift is the reason. When you see the gift, the pain disappears---like magic.”

The second and third books of Outrageous Mastery can teach you how to tap into that gift; books that will show you how to be free of fear, and powerful. Sasha Xarrian has given us insight into a better way and has written it so well, I couldn't put it down until it was done. This reviewer strongly recommends this true an epic story of pain, love, conflict, facing the unknown and searching for power.

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info:

Now available as an EBook at the author's website:
Cost: $147.00/set of 3.
Hard copy printing to be available late Summer/early Fall 2006

To read more about the author, including her touring schedule, visit www.sashaxarrian.com

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