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My Search for Truth

By Annie

Author, seeker and existentialist Annie writes about her journey of exploration and discovery of the meaning of love in her new book, Love: My Search for Truth. In it the reader will find the truths Annie found with the help of her inner spirit.

For instance, “Yahweh. Jesus. Buddha. Allah. Krishna. Etc. The message is the same. The message is love.” And, “Can you think of a joy greater than love?” Or, “Love is timeless. Love is everywhere. Love is our link to the divine.”

I asked the author how she came to write Love: My Search for Truth, and where her words of inspiration were born. Annie’s life, in the beginning, was difficult. An abusive marriage, followed by divorce, remarriage and another divorce. Illnesses and deaths of loved ones. The accident and near death of her only child, a son.

When the pain and suffering got too severe, Annie chose a psychiatric hospital over suicide. After 30 days at the hospital, she decided she would work in the mental health field, and thus got her masters degree in professional counseling. For fifteen years, Annie applied her knowledge and spirit to helping others at several non-profit, social service agencies. She is contributing a portion of her income from sales of the book to a non-profit agency in Austin, Texas.

Annie is one of the fortunate ones who can hear spirit, and learn from it! She has come to believe that, “No wrong is so great that it cannot be healed by love.”

Good books are easy to read. Great books get you to think. In this reviewer’s opinion, Love: My Search for Truth is both. I recommend you run, not walk, to get your copy.

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor




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