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A Declaration of Love
Theme and Variations

Book 1: Prologue

Poetry by James Forte

Journey Book I is the first of three books of poetry devoted to peace, love and God. Author, poet and composer James Forte has assembled a lifetime of discovery and understanding; forged just the right words and metre; and constructed a memorable volume of insight.

Journey offers the wisdom of many of the major religions but at the same time, strips away man’s involvement and bias leaving the reader with God’s true meanings and desires. In brief, then, that is peace and love. For instance, in his poem War and Peace Mr. Forte writes, "We have tried tyranny/ It does not result in peace/ It does not result in human comfort/ We have tried abundance/ It does not result in peace/ It does not result in human comfort/ It is time to try morality."

This reviewer has never met Mr. Forte, and yet I know him from his writings and his music. All of his music and all of his poetry reveal his heart, and it is a good heart. He writes, "I am just/ A humble poet/ And a simple tunesmith/ Nothing more/ On a journey/ One step at a time/ Towards the goal/ True life/ True source/ True love/ Here is my story."

Journey is a wonderful work of truths. It is a book you’ll want on your coffee table (to show your guests) as well as your night table to read before sleep and then, awaken to. James Forte has given us new (yet very old) meanings to life. Each poem had this reviewer nodding and smiling in agreement with its truth and insight. Journey is superb!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

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486 PP, 7 x 10, Published 2008
ISBN 978-889560-18-2
Cost: $88.00

Published by Wildflower Publishers

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