The Simple Truth About God book cover

Transform Your Dreams from Wishful Thinking to Reality

By John Dean and Dannye Williamsen

Do you understand the rules of the creative process---or do things happen to you by chance, as a fluke? IT'S YOUR MOVE! enables the listener of this fine audio book to initiate change and then channel that change to your benefit. We hear "Your conditioning causes you to be unaware, not only of the beliefs that underlie your choices, but also of the source of your beliefs. It causes you to be asleep most of the time, unaware of the genesis of any of your experiences."

Husband and wife team John Dean and Dannye Williamsen have given us the tools, all twelve of them, in this delightful, friendly, helpful and sincere 5 CD set. The result is a pragmatic approach to self-transformation that integrates goal setting with esoteric interpretations of the Creation story and the twelve disciples.

This culminates in your ability to become a Conscious Creator and attract success by transforming your dreams from a state of wishful thinking into your experiences. If your life is subject to "The Law of Fluke" (when you leave yourself open to whatever comes your way), you can change it by understanding these rules of the creative process. We learn that the creative process is always working. You can't decide to turn it on one minute and off the next. It's fully operational every second of your life! John and Dannye show us how to become aware of this process and then how to use it.

IT'S YOUR MOVE! takes beautiful fibers of truth and creates a blanket strong enough to withstand the heat of change. Authors John Dean and Dannye Williamsen teach us how to consume life, not be consumed by it! In this reviewer's opinion, this fine CD set contains an awakening to self-satisfaction, power and happiness!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info:

Audio Book, 5 CD's Approximately 277 minutes. Issue Date, 2004
Cost: $53. ISBN 0-9726058-0-0

Available from your favorite bookstore or contact:
Networx Publishing
P.O. Box 35
Prophetstown, IL 61277
PH 1-888-884WORX.

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