by Allen Eric Firesong

Every once in a while a novel is published that offers more than a good story. Such is It’s Really a New Age. Author and visionary Allen Eric Firesong has written a page-turner that has major motion picture all over it.

Here is a story about peace, love, sharing and spiritual awakening. Imagine three groups of people who live their lives as seekers, bringing and sharing their dreams of a new millenium and a better a nature festival. And then there is the government agent, so hurt, so angry and so hateful...he wants to destroy them, and all that they stand for.

Mr. Firesong offers a tale of transformation from hate to love---from darkness to light. This reviewer also found a cast of clearly defined characters whose lives and personalities are interwoven like a fine tapestry. One group lives on the land in harmony with nature. Add another of city folk involved in the holistic movement. And then add a group from a commune, immersed in healing and spiritual growth.

They all met at an annual nature festival intent on achieving an integration of their truths and a beacon for a new way of living. Will the government special agent succeed with his plan to poison them by going far beyond the dreadful plan authorized by his superiors?

This reviewer eagerly turned 201 pages to the conclusion of a well-written book, and a message of hope. It’s Really a New Age is exciting, awakening, and consciousness-raising. Allen Eric Firesong has given us a special book, one that combines a great story with a message of enlightenment. Don’t miss this one!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 201 PP, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, Issue Date, 2000. Cost, $12.95. ISBN 0-9705032-0-2. Available from: It’s Really a New Age Publishing, 4630 Woodley Ave., #102, Encino, CA 91436. PH (Toll Free) 866-8newage (1-888-839-9243)


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This book is self-published and deserves the attention and cooperation of a major publisher.

All interested, please contact:

Allen Eric Firesong

4630 Woodley Ave., #102,

Encino, CA 91436

Toll Free Phone 866-8newage (1-888-839-9243)


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