Inner Security book cover

Inner Security & Infinite Wealth
Merging Self Worth and Net Worth

By Stuart Zimmerman and Jared Rosen

This reviewer just finished reading a great book; by definition, a book that not only amuses or teaches, but gets you to think. The book is titled Inner Security & Infinite Wealth and the authors are Stuart Zimmerman and Jared Rosen.

Think about this, for instance, “With inner security you can enjoy infinite wealth, a combination of both inner and outer wealth. This inner wealth you can experience is immeasurable. Your capacity to feel love, inner peace, joy and wholeness is endless. Therefore, there are no limits to how much pleasure you can receive from your outer wealth or material possessions. There are even no limits to how much money you can generate.”

Shortly after 9/11/01, the authors struck up a conversation that continued, off and on, for over a year. They concluded that your net worth must not be confused with you self worth; and that financial security shouldn’t be confused with inner security. How to achieve both; wealth beyond material wealth, is the focus of this well written and provocative new book.

The authors define the eight treasures of inner security and infinite wealth i.e. will inheritance, ownership, value, trust, allowance, investment and appreciation that are the bases of inner security. The reader quickly understands that these financial terms are also practical terms for life mastery. Inner Security & Infinite Wealth asks you, “Are you willing to exchange the limitations of the past for the infinite possibilities of this moment? Can you exchange money as an expression of love? Will you?”

Authors Zimmerman and Rosen tell us, “There is more to security than money and matter. Everything we have in the material world can be taken from us in a heartbeat but true security---inner security cannot.” This reviewer encourages you to read Inner Security & Infinite Wealth, a great read and a means to true fulfillment!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info:

183 PP, 6 x 9 (Hardcover). Issue Date, September, 2003
ISBN 1-59079-055-3
Cost: $19.95
Available at you favorite bookstore.

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