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I Am You Are Me

by E. Stratton Horres, Jr., J.D.

“Why are we here...what is our purpose...is this all there is...what is the meaning of it all, of life, of my own life?” Author, attorney and seeker E. Stratton Horres, Jr. had to travel to the desert of Egypt to find the answers to these and many other vital questions, and the result is his new, magnificent book, I Am You Are Me.

Thus the author was directed to a high place in the desert that overlooks the three pyramids. “Lord, I am here, I am ready, lead me to Your truth, I said aloud, reaching out to God, focussing on God alone”. And Stratton Horres heard God’s words, some of which are, “I have always been...I am self-created, creator and creation...I am All.” The 42 verses Mr. Horres recorded ended with, “You are a creator with Me. We are co-creators of the time that is to come: My heaven on your Earth. As above, so it will be below.” Stratton Horres realized he had recorded the Gospel of the First Light.

“How can I co-create in this environment? And what does it mean, to co-create?”, asked the author. “Being a co-creator means to be in the world instead of retreating from it.” Further, Mr. Horres writes, “Co-creation is simply love made visible through good work and good works. When we make love visible in our work, we co-create with God and transform our professions, our work, whatever it might be, into vehicles for creating heaven on earth one step at a time.”

I Am You Are Me is undoubtedly one of the most important, transforming and provocative books this reviewer has ever read. And this from a man trained for seven years in college and law school to question everything...and then practice that as a successful trial attorney for over 20 years. If you have time for only one book, that book should be I Am You Are Me!


Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info:

171 PP, 6 x 9, ISBN 0-971-2002-1-4, Issue Date, 2003, Cost, $11.95
Available at your favorite bookstore through Baker & Taylor
Also available online:
www.imyouareme.com www.amazon.com www.bn.com

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