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Hohokam Bones

By Peter Spotswood Dillard

If you are in the mood for a mystical mystery, here’s a new one that will keep you turning pages. Hohokam Bones by Peter Spotswood Dillard carefully and cogently reveals the story of Kokopelli, the snake-man and shape-shifter with the power to transform himself into many things.

Archeologist Emily Harken had been curious about the Hohokam tribe since she was a little girl. Indeed, this tribe, which disappeared from Arizona around 1450 AD, was a major reason she followed in her father’s footsteps and became an archeologist. Imagine then her excitement when an intact Hohokam skeleton from about 850 AD was uncovered. More, there was a hole at the base of its skull and a two inch arrowhead inside. Murder!

Enter Kokopelli, the legendary supernatural snake-man who could turn himself into a man, a hawk or anything else he wanted. With his help, Emily “...had a profound experience of levelness: nothing in the landscape dominated anything else. They were all with each other and with her. She felt the landscape stretching beyond the corners of her vision into the earth that was both far away and nearby.”

And so Emily and Kokopelli set out on an adventure of discovery. What they discover is that the Hohokam’s Solar Power had run out. But why? Was it because they rejected Earth Sense for Sky Knowledge? How does Tlaloc, the rain devil of Camino del Diablo, fit into the story?

Peter Spotswood Dillard has taken equal parts of metaphysical and Native American spirituality and combined that with brilliant detective fiction and wondrous descriptive prose describing the Sonoran Desert to give us an engaging novel you’ll not want to put down. In this reviewer’s opinion, Hohokam Bones is a welcome addition to your night table or reading chair, or wherever you enjoy escaping with a good book!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info:

245 PP, 5 1/4 x 8 1/4, Issue Date, 2004, Cost, $14.99
ISBN 1-55352-168-4

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