Heart Songs:

Messages For Parents From Children Across Time

by Christine Lenick and Eric

Author Christine Lenick (who gave us The Simple Truth About God - see my review) and Eric, the guardian of children who die and cross over, join together to share extraordinary messages from the souls of children across time about unconditional love. Heart Songs can teach us the joy and exuberance that is life, which many of us have forgotten.

Christine writes, “Children see the world through God’s eyes. Children do not see differences, they see all as One. Learn from your children, for world peace may depend upon it.” And so, Heart Songs brings forth, with Eric, messages of insight and joy; messages of love and wisdom unaltered by the confinements we adults force upon them. Here are some examples:

From a young, shy boy, 2 -- “You know, I learned too from my lifetime. I wasn’t even there long but I learned about how people hide from their hearts. They hide in their books and their work. I learned how empty that can be.”

From a boy, about 8, dressed very formally -- “Tell them to care about how their children feel. Tell them to care about what makes their child joyous...tell them that if they care about what their children care about, their children’s flame will burn brightly.”

There is so much we adults can learn from children. “Stop focussing on what you perceive they would need to be perfect. Your perception is actually creating a need that was not there”, writes Christine. Instead, “Dance from the mountaintops! Laugh at yourself and the sun! Play in the flowers! Break the rules! Live!”

Most books are written from an adult’s perspective. Heart Songs, instead, is written from the innocence of childhood, unvarnished by the absence of SelfLove and the presence of self-doubt. Christine Lenick and Eric have given us a guide to enlightenment!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

This wonderful book is still in manuscript form and requires the services of a qualified publisher.

All those interested should contact the author:

Christine Lenick, P.O. Box 4223, Evergreen, CO 80437

Phone: 1-866-HEAL-ALL (1-800-432-5255)

Email: center@worldwidehealing.com

Visit the author’s website: www.worldwidehealing.com

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