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A Simple Way To Peace

By Victoria A. Barna, MA

Once in a while, I am blessed to find (or be found by) a new author with a message for all ages, written in a style that talks to me, rather than at me. Such is Victoria Barna's masterpiece, Choice.

If you agree (how can you not?) that our children are our future and our legacy, you must read this spiritual work of guidance and understanding. Ms. Barna has written Choice as Emily, a child asking children's questions about life, and finding answers uncluttered by politics, divisiveness or anger. Instead, Emily reaches out to God/Creator/Spirit to find truth.

Choice talks to topics like change, peace, love, gratitude, light, patience, forgiveness and death. And, incredibly, with prose interwoven with poetry, offers a path to a better way to live. Each chapter builds on the previous one so that after we learn about choice(s), we can then make change(s), followed by peace and love and gratitude and so forth.

This reviewer can only offer samples of Ms. Barna's excellent work and let her words speak for themselves. For instance, in Chapter 5, Love, we read, "Does love have something to do with peace? I wonder. If I really love someone, I don't want to hurt them. If I am created in God's image, then am I not sacred and holy, too? Why do I want to destroy what is sacred and holy?"

There is an innocence about Choice yet, at the same time, there is great wisdom. This reviewer strongly recommends that you get a copy of Choice as soon as you can---and share it with your children. Victoria Barna has given you your first choice!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

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87 PP, 6 x 9, Issued 2007, Cost: $21.95
ISBN 09793301-2-2

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