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A Text Book for Today and Tomorrow

By Lynn B.Caufman as channeled from Malcha

“While unspeakable atrocities by men and violent adjustments by nature make way for a different world, we need to know how to live through these times and how we are to live in the near future.” So writes author, seeker and channeler Lynn B. Caufman in her important new book, For Those Who Care To Learn.

The magnificent messages from Malcha, which began flowing to Ms. Caufman in 1992, speak of bringing us together and focusing on our commonalities, not our differences. You see, Malcha is a messenger of hope and reassurance, above all else and thus uniquely qualified to talk to such vital subjects as gluttony, abortion, greed, reincarnation, crystals, unconditional love, and so much more.

He says, “Today ye will see many ways to seek God, all of which are correct, effective or right, if done for the noble purpose of serving mankind and elevating the evolution of oneness.”

For Those Who Care To Learn is a mere sixty-four pages long, but each page is filled with truths that will have you nodding in recognition and agreement and then re-reading it as you would visit an old and wise friend. The end result will be an understanding of what we need to do, and how. “Be at peace in the understanding that all I tell thee is a part of the transition of mankind and their souls in the new time to come.”

Lynn B. Caufman has given us Malcha’s words to live by. It is a how-to of becoming one with yourself and each other. It spells the end of me-ism so that we can reach a new level of evolution. In this reviewer’s opinion, For Those Who Care To Learn is a one-of-a-kind not to be missed, but instead, to be adopted into our lives.

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

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63 pp, 6 x 9, Issue Date 2009
ISBN NO. 978-0-595-49777-0
Cost: $10.95

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