by Kelly Findley

For this reviewer, poetry can be the quintessential door to the author’s heart. In Bleed, Kelly Findley opens her heart to expose the gamut of emotions; From sadness to fear and from pain to love. In doing so, we learn of the beauty that is Kelly.

It is her pure pain we feel when we read, “Your words bite/ tearing flesh/ from bone/ viciously devouring/ my soul/ licking my bones clean/ and leaving the carcass/ behind”. About loneliness, Kelly writes, “She was/ the life of the party/ the center of attention/ with her sparkling eyes/ and contagious laugh/ Now she is/ just a fading memory/ sitting by her window/ in her old party dress/ watching the excitement/ go on without her”.

Kelly is young, but her insight seems very old---read what she writes about love: “Just close your eyes/ and I’ll be there./ Kissing your lips/ soft and gentle/ holding your body/ tight to mine./ Feel the warmth/ of my hands/ and the softness/ of my skin./ And you know this is a dream/ that will not end.” And speaking about wisdom, “If I waited/ for you/ to give me/ what I need/ then I would have nothing”.

Bleed resonates with truth and awareness of the human condition. Kelly’s work is like the touch of a butterfly---you don’t feel it land, yet its beauty leaves a big impression. In this reviewer’s opinion, Bleed is as good as it gets. You will think so, too!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Bleed is not yet in print, and requires the services of a qualified and caring publisher. All those interested should contact the author:

Kelly Findley
8522 National Blvd Suite 106
Culver City, CA 90232

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