by Denise Cutrone

I’ve just read a book that is a beacon of enlightenment for everyone seeking peace and harmony with themselves and all others. Believe in Yourself lights the path to self-acceptance, understanding of self and others, and recognizing your inner voice.

And if that’s not enough, Believe in Yourself steers the reader through the difficult times, like when you must end a relationship or like when you lose a friend to suicide. Ms. Cutrone points out that God dwells within us all (isn’t that a wonderful truism?) and how to listen to His words. And why we should live in gratitude by appreciating all that we have and can have---and all that we are and can be.

Denise has given us a book of lessons. Her pen is her insight, her ink is her unconditional love and her paper is you, the reader. Believe in Yourself leaves the indelible language of truth. We read, “We all have the spirit guides in our life, in heaven and on earth that try and guide us to where we need to go but only we can make that final choice as to which road we take. There is no wrong or right road, for the journey is always a lesson, so we never fail, we just learn to deal with obstacles along the way a little easier and without struggle.”

I found Believe in Yourself talked right to me! Denise Cutrone enables the reader to accept and understand that we are who we are---and this knowledge “...allows you to live in freedom, it allows you to live life without limitations [which] brings you joy...”.

In short, Believe in Yourself offers the means to fulfillment by setting aside fear and discouragement, while substituting the love and beauty that lives within us. Thank you Denise Cutrone for a great book!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

This book is still in manuscript form and requires the services of a qualified publisher. All those interested, contact:

Denise Cutrone

3/15 A Wrights Road

Drummoyne NSW 2047,



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