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Mystical Golden Roses For Spiritual Growth

by Diane Line

Author, visionary and metaphysician Diane Line is a gifted mystic who, during her near-death experience, was instructed by God to share her spiritual insights. The result is an epic memoir/revelation called At Heaven's Doorway . In this well-written and timeless work, Diane shares her (and her daughter's) true stories of spiritual growth and inspiration.

Her experiences begin and end with the sound of music. Diane's spiritual senses jump to life when her deceased father (a musician and vocalist) initiated contact. This was to be the start of her journey to self-awareness and metaphysical training...and her life's purpose.

At Heaven's Doorway is filled with moving and wonderful accounts that are as spiritual as they are unusual. For instance, her foreknowledge of the local druggist's death; Her daughter Valerie's dreams foretelling her grandmother's stroke; The conquering of an evil entity through prayer; A visit from her deceased father just when she needed him most, when her mother's health was deteriorating.

Diane's experiences also include signs that God is watching over her...her visions of Christ...heavenly forces guiding her angels...and the premonition of her grandson's death. After his funeral, the scent of roses emanated from his blanket, and there were no roses there!

Like all great books, At Heaven's Doorway is written on two levels. First we have Diane's captivating and enthralling memoir. And we also share Diane's palpable discovery, mission and fulfillment. This reviewer doesn't often use the word "beautiful" to describe a book or an author...but Diane Line and At Heaven's Doorway are beautiful!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

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Pertinent Info: 160 PP, 6 x 9, Issue date: 2008
ISBN 978-1-4343-3947-8

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