New Prophets In Art And Mysticism

by Mary Carroll Nelson

Mary Carroll Nelson, for those of you unaware, is a prolific author, artist, teacher and speaker who is deeply committed to the holistic movement. In her most provocative book, Artists of the Spirit, Ms. Nelson examines the “Connection between visual artists who express metaphysical insights in their art and seers who behave like artists in the structured way they express their metaphysical knowledge.”

The author calls these visionaries “artists of the spirit” and she believes they achieved prophetic understanding through their creative imagination. Their sixteen life stories will be conscious-raising for many (as they were for me). From these portraits we may recognize prophets in our own life.

Ms. Nelson relates the amazing story of Michael Naranjo who became a sculptor after being totally blinded while in the serving in the Vietman war. He says “My sculpture is my way of giving universal energy a shape that will last.”

The chapter devoted to noted artist Meinrad Craighead, the author of The Mother’s Songs, Images of God the Mother, is especially appealing to this reviewer. A former nun, Meinrad Craighead unites earth wisdom with mystic faith in powerful paintings.

The story of Barbara Hand Clow, author/publisher and wise woman, reveals both abuse and shamanic training in her privileged girlhood, and illumination from past life visions as an adult.

Artists of the Spirit is a beautifully designed book of insight, understanding, creativity and spiritual wisdom. Mary Carroll Nelson is an artist herself and a gifted writer. She is a pilgrim traveling the road to enlightenment. For a better understanding of metaphysics, this reviewer heartily recommends Artists of the Spirit!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

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