by Catherine and Neil Rose

The concept, God makes Self known to man through love is the foundation of Catherine and Neil Rose’s new and powerful book, Amare´. Here we find the channeled words of the Almighty that can enable you to communicate with this Spirit and thereby begin the journey to attain everlasting happiness.

Amare´ brings the reader the ability to understand how God makes Self known to man; what your Spirit-Self is; and what it will feel like to live in Spirit’s radiant beauty. Then, authors Rose enable the reader to deepen your knowledge of Spirit; what to bring on the journey; and how to become one with Spirit.

We learn, for instance that, “Some of your busiest, most frantic moments can be spent with your Spirit. Let your Spirit help you with that difficult decision, conversation, or task you must perform”.

Amare´ teaches that not only can we experience this wonderful relationship, we can learn to truly feel joy, peace, harmony and acceptance. In other words, Love, which is Amare. This will lead to your ability to let Spirit into all facets of your life, and the commitment that will go both ways.

With compassion and insight, Catherine and Neil Rose equip us to make this journey to enlightenment. “The Creator is waiting--walk toward this Magnificence, walk into this Light: your steps, your Light, your Love. Your thoughts, words, actions get you there. You no longer must spend one moment alone”.

Amare´ lights the path to discovery and love. This reviewer has read many, many books...and now knows that Amare´ is the zenith of inspiration!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 157 PP, 6 x 9; Issue Date, 1999. Cost, $14.95. ISBN 0-9668797-5-9. Available from the publisher, Flaming Rose Press, P.O. Box 60, Pine, CO 80470.

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