by Bradford Johnson, Illustrated by Janice Clymer

Here (at last) is a poetical journey through the heart-skips-a-beat stages of a relationship, from Awareness to Excitement and from Lovers to Closeness to Forever. A Drop of Love is a very personal and subjective look at a magical transformation we all seek, and sometimes find.

Author and poet Bradford Johnson has not only experienced and enjoyed the journey, he has the unique ability to describe it in poetic metre that touched this reviewer’s heart. For instance, from Morning Coffee, “At breakfast my/ thoughts of you spill/ into my coffee and/ I absentmindedly stir/you into the brew.”

In the excitement section, the poem Faith in Love’s Storm begins, “Helpless, I am hammered/ in the downpour/ of your love-/ begun as a drizzle,/ tempestuing from sprinkle/ into full rain.” And you will be touched reading Refuge in a Kiss in the Lover’s section, “Your kiss brings closure/ to a thousand antic/ ramblings, fears of thought/ and trepidation in the/ face of objective reality...”

There are 100 poems in this delightful and meaningful work, and perhaps the one that captured this reviewer more than the others is No Dimensions in the Forever section. Mr. Johnson writes, “Our love is energy/ without a time frame:/ Describing it in terms/ of a past isn’t relevant as/ we grow forward;/ the present has the most / urgency, but cannot contain it;/ the future offers the most/ promise, but is still just/ an understatement of/ our potential.”

A Drop of Love is for all romantics and wannabe romantics. Bradford Johnson, with the very able assistance of illustrator Janice Clymer, have given us a treasure of fresh, contemporary and alive love poems. The thoughts are like warm hands that will caress your heart!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 128 PP, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, Issue Date: 2001, Cost: $14.95, ISBN: 0970847076

Available from:

Hatched Ideas Publishing, 6965 El Camino Real #105-564, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Phone toll-free: 1-866-248-2447

Available online: www.hatchedideaspublishing.com

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