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by Richard Fuller, Senior Editor

Richard Fuller has been a publicist for the last eleven years with a mission to support the blossoming of a new world community and a progression toward awareness of divinity and personal growth. He endorses and promotes works that fulfill that purpose and further our growth. As he is first and foremost, a publicist, he makes each endorsement/review available, gratis, to editors of hundreds of new age magazines, quarterly.

Additionally, he features each review/endorsement in his column which is featured on over 250 other new age internet sites and available on 100's of search engines.

Richard Fuller has enjoyed a career as a writer, magazine editor and advertising executive. He is considered, by his peers, to be a truth-seeker, upholding the highest levels of integrity in his support of the new age community.

Many of the authors, producers and musicians endorsed by Mr. Fuller, are independent. Pertinent ordering information is found at the bottom of each review. Please take advantage. Any work that is embraced by Mr. Fuller is very worthy of your interest. Please order direct from the pertinent information area or ask your local bookstore to order copies.


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